Monday, August 31, 2015

Isabella - Monday, August 31, 2015

Jennifer Sanders and Isabella (officially Stefsstells Ingalo Isabella, bred in Iceland by Stefanía Sigurðardóttir) earned a BIS (Best In Show) at the International dog show here in Michigan last weekend. (I will add a show photo as soon as one is available.) Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Isabella, BIS
Mornings the east view is never the same - duh - of course. It's delightful watching the first light and then the sun rising with either a cup of coffee or a cup of English breakfast tea. Mmmm!

This bonsai hibiscus has never had as many flowers as it has had this summer. They are about the size of my thumbnail and a lovely, very pale pinkish-blue, which does not show up in the photos; Korpur loves to eat them! Although it's not a classically beautiful bonsai form, the flowers more than compensate.

I planted three different bare root climbing roses along the south fence of my east facing yard this spring. They've survived, in spite of the rabbits, and perhaps next year I'll get some vertical growth (sleep, creep, leap). Regardless, the few flowers have been lovely. I am not a rose person. I like tough plants; normally I plant Rugosa roses for that reason

British mysteries are my favorites. This photo was taken from "Endeavour" because of the Buddleia (butterfly bush) in the foreground. Because of the milder climate than what we have here in Michigan, butterfly bushes grow and spread almost like weeds, like dandelions.

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