Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Beginning

Sun rising this morning: -

Don't want or need tropical islands.
Along the Lake Huron beach here there's driftwood.

It must be a human trait to collect and take things back home. Over the years I have acquired tocks from places like the Bois de Boulogne, Plymouth where Carol lived, P-Town, Elk Rapids (retirement), Mont Saint Michel, Stratford (Ontario), the Mill for Jeremy's graduation, the Hansens' house in West Kingston, Versailles, a Hill in San Fran with Irene and Hershey, Traverse City, the Old Prune with Fred and Maxwell, Pudding stone from Marge Lawson, 'glass' stone from the site of the old Goodyear plant with Aedwyn and Richard, a chunk of marble from my old work place, etc.
I even had some volcanic rocks that a very good friend brought back from Iceland. A couple of years later she cut me out of her life - without an explanation that made any sense. Peer pressure was more likely the reason.
I am releasing them now. They were perfect mementoes. Clicking on photos enlarges them.


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