Monday, September 28, 2015


Sometimes to change things up, I sit on the east porch facing Lake Huron and Canada and watch the sun playing on the eastern clouds as the sun sets behind me to the west.

Last time they were up, Jon, Tracy, and I went down to the beach for a glass of wine. When I moved in the beach was solid phragmites, an invasive, tall, alien grass that spreads by seeds and long, very long underground runners. Two years ago the neighbors and I started to get rid of them and now we actually have a sandy beach.

Today at the beach the geese have begun collecting for the migration to warmer climes. Those tiny dots are birds. I love my camera but the close-ups are not quite good enough. Clicking on photos will enlarge them slightly.

Kata, my 'yellow' dog, and Korpur, my black beauty, pose. She turns fourteen this winter; he turns twelve. Bear's tail is in the first photo; his head is in the second one. He turns ten this October.

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