Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Windy Wednesday 9/30/2015

Our weather here in Palms/Forestville is not always the same as in Royal Oak - they've had rain but not a drop here and we could have used some.

The surf is up; I love, love, love it when it storms or is windy here. The power of nature is wonderful. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Our Lake Huron Beach

Surf's Up

When I first moved in I 'discovered' some concrete and stone steps almost completely covered with soil, grass, and some wildflowers leading to the double decks. I uncovered them a bit last year and worked a little more on them recently. I wonder if there are more hidden steps; they go half-way down the bluff to the beach but stop at the decks. I suspect that the first 'owner' of my property, a race car enthusiast who built engines and remodeled cars in the pole barn, put those steps in. He probably also added the blacktop road, on the left below, leading all the way down to my beach. Both are very steep and function as my 'stairmaster'.

There's also a partially buried fire pit on the beach that I recently discovered. I don't know if the whole pit with stones is still there. Isn't that fun! We'll try to dig it out and re-christen it this weekend.

Sunsets, below from last night, compete for my attention with sunrises.

Coming back up to the house and dogs, I've been greeted each time by Cosmos - from the free seeds I received and threw onto a bare spot by the gate last spring.  I think I've maligned them. I'll save some seeds and plant them again next year. I've never liked how tall and spindly they get; the secret, if there is one, might be to plant them thickly and not thin them out when they germinate. I've ignored them until I no longer could.

My friends probably get tired of me saying, "We all do better when we all do better." I recently heard on the BBC news them say, "We can do more when we work together." I wish more of us would take that to heart, make that part of our mantra. Both tell us about the same thing, don't they? Certainly one of the secrets, if not the most important secret, for our success as a species is based on our ability to cooperate in order to accomplish more. When we as a group cooperate and decide on a course of action, we do better than when one person or one group tells others what to do. Just my opinion.

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