Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Vinlands Tully

I heard from David, Bastian and their Icelandic Sheepdog Vinlands Tully Lulu. Portions of his email and two photos are copied below.

Tully is 7 months old today.  Time sure seems to be flying.  Tully is definitely a teenager now which has amplified some of her good and bad behaviors.  I attached two recent pictures of her.  The one with my son shows a new thing Tully loves.  If you are standing next to a wall or cabinet, she will push her way between you and the surface and stay there until you move (or she gets bored).  She just loves to be as close to her people as possible.  She is now sleeping on our bed as she makes far less noise there than in her crate, and she sleeps in longer.
Tully Lulu

I did want to ask you when Totty went into her first heat cycle.  That’s the next big thing for us.  If any of the other sisters are being left intact, I would love to know when any of them go into their first heat cycle.

(I hope we hear from the families of Kippa, Kitty, and Lizzie regarding their seasons, weight, height, etc.)

Tully and Bastian
Feel free to post the pictures I sent.  We do plan on neutering Tully just as we are not in a good life position to breed.  I feel bad about that sometimes but perhaps when I’m retired I will be more inclined to give it a try.  There are no breeders in Oregon for Icies and we seem to be creating a lot of interest in the breed wherever we go.  I’m glad the other gals from the litter will be bred since I agree with you that all are amazing specimens.  Tully weighed in at 24lbs last week so she is definitely hitting the plateau. 
We start our advanced life skills class tomorrow which continues on the basic and finally gets into heel training.  We are in the middle of a recall class which is going very well.  I cannot wait to be able to have Tully off leash, but that will take a while yet.  Once she can be called off chasing birds I know the time is right.  Those seagulls at the beach are just too tempting and she loves to “protect” our backyard against any flying invaders.
I read about your breeding conundrum and would put a vote in to wait until Totty’s next cycle which should put puppies into the summer, assuming there aren’t some issues about waiting.  I can totally understand that winter puppy pick up’s could be problematic. 

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