Sunday, November 22, 2015

Avant et Apres

First snowfall of the "winter".

Next Morning: clouds advancing towards the east.

Two rescued plants from my former favorite restaurant just in time for the holidays. A Christmas Cactus and a Cyclamen, both are now several years old. I've never had success with Christmas Cacti so I'm mightily pleased. The Cyclamen annually produces seeds which germinate quite easily. I wish I had more window space; I'd let some live and see if  could get them to flower.

 After the storm.
Actually picture postcard perfect, imo.
I actually love winter in Michigan when all the snow birds leave. It's quite peaceful. Soon, perhaps, my white pine will fall.

Bear has a serious wound on his hindquarters. I have absolutely no idea how it happened, perhaps a contretemps with a buddy while out in the forest? I can't tell if it's a puncture wound from a tooth or an accident with a stick. Regardless, he's on the mend. I might have missed it if he hadn't been licking his bum a lot. I cleaned it up a bit, applied Neosporin, and attached his "cone of silence" in order to prevent licking. My honey bear!

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