Friday, November 27, 2015


I am grateful once Thanksgiving is over.

Morning with First Light and Sunrise Looking East.

There are many stories of families and families of choice celebrating this unique American holiday; I'm happy for them. Not complaining, not whining. It's a long day. I've many memories of Thanksgivings past and I enjoy remembering them.
Evening Moon in the East, then Looking West.

I saw a marvelous PBS special on the Puritans and their journey from England to Holland to north of Boston in the early 1600s. I heard things I had never heard; stories about what things were really like for the native Americans and the immigrant Americans during those years. Those lessons are the ones we should have heard. Our celebration could remain virtually the same; honesty wouldn't lessen the day, but in my opinion, could increase our appreciation for our gifts. I think the miracle of their survival against all odds would increase our desire to give thanks.

I made turkey, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, cranberry relish, and enjoyed the traditions while watching both versions of "Room with a View" E.M. Forster on DVD. Hate the ending of the more recent version. Books and reading are always, always better but both were good enough.

Bear's "Cone of Silence" has been removed and he is doing very well. The suet feeders, the thistle feeder, the sunflower feeders are up and the winter birds are feeding.

I've removed some of the smallish trees and some enormous grapevines, trunks as thick as my wrists, growing under the electric lines leading to the Pole Barn. The West Woods are amazing; they're not primeval feeling yet but they're getting close.

I showed up for a blood draw at the local hospital on Monday but they did not have a record of the appointment - made last summer. Nevertheless, they took the blood. I'll see the doctor on Tuesday. I'm off now to get lunchtime carrots for the dog pack.

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