Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday, November 18. 2015

Icelandic Sheepdog "puppy" Vinlands Kippa Jane owned by Suzanne Terrant finished her AKC championship at the age of 8 months in two weekends with three majors. (That's a big deal.) Last weekend on Sunday, November 15 she won breed for Icelandic sheepdogs at a trial in Ohio. Winners of each of  the herding breeds then competed against one another for the herding group title.

If you click on the link below, and then fast forward to about 57 minutes you can see her cute black & tan with white beautiful-ness. She is competing against the best dog in each breed; most of them are mature and experienced champions. KJ is not even a year old yet.

I feed the pond goldfish soon after sunrise each morning; while the dogs and I were fish-feeding this morning "my" bald eagle flew about 20 feet above our heads on the way to the hidden cove to the south where I've seen her/him roosting in a favorite tree. It looked huge. I've wondered if Kria would be a tempting tidbit. As long as the dogs are all outdoors, she would be safe. They all make a horrible racket whenever Baldie flies by.

Although we still are having some nice weather and I can go out on the east porch to read, watch the sky, wander through the garden, feed the fish, stroll with the dogs, soon it will be too cold to read outdoors. Although I can't always get outside in the winter because of ice, snow, and wind, I always can take photos from inside the house. Some of the shots below were taken on Monday en plein air, the rest were taken indoors.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

My 'office' where many of my records, my computer, and, of course, plants are is really just one end of my bedroom. This is the view on Tuesday from my office window. The wind was strong and the whitecaps amazing. (It's hard to focus on 'work' with a view so distracting.)

Mercredi - Des Gendarmes and des Pompiers raided an apartment this morning in St. Denis. Allons enfants ~

I have finally started to work in the extreme western forest. There are some beautiful and very large evergreens there and I've been sawing (by hand saw) the lowest branches, which are dead. That part of my forest has been impenetrable and I want to be able to walk through it. It is dark, quiet, deserted-feeling and with its spongy pine needle covered floor it's evocative of another older time.

I have two feral cats, a ginger tiger and a black one, which keep the rodent population down (and probably thins the number of ground nesting birds). I'm delighted about the rodent issue because of lyme disease carrying rodents but sad about possible bird predation. Compromises.

Carolyn, ma belle soeur, recently gave me a long list of book titles/authors for winter reading. I am so looking forward to them. Nothing beats being "forced" to stay inside and read fortified with cups of cocoa, hot tea, cookies, etc., sleeping dogs surrounding my slipper-socked feet. Enforced idleness.

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