Saturday, November 14, 2015

La France

I spent several summers in France continuing my studies in language and literature - and am saddened by what has been happening there. I've brought back many memories and a few, a very few souvenirs of the good times I had there.

One of my favorite 'treasures', a smallish, double horse-headed metal objet d'art (on the left above the Jon Rajewski) survived the trip back to Les Etats-Unis and the move with me from Royal Oak to Forestville/Palms. The memory persists of the 'antique' magasin in Paris where I purchased it. One head comes off - perhaps to hide things inside? The wooden whale to the right of the Siamese horses  belonged to David and was used to store coins, paperclips, rings, etc.

Yesterday started beautifully, nice sunrise ~

a few hardy flowers (a volunteer snapdragon, the 'autumn orange day lily' from Jim Langhamar, and a wonderful Autumn Joy sedum) still managing to surprise,

and a nice trip to Al's Restaurant in Harbor Beach for breakfast. The huge Thanksgiving turkey is made out of rolled hay and sits on the lawn of a museum for a former state governor..

Now we all know how it ended - Friday, November 13, 2015.

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