Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, Monday - Mama Cass

Washing windows on a sunny day is probably not a good idea; the streaks, smears, drips, etc. are too easy to see! Nonetheless, I'm ready for winter now.

This morning I woke to our first frost here. I'll probably dig the dahlia tubers, shake off the loose soil, and place them in a paper bags later today. Hopefully they'll survive the winter stored in the garage. I actually ordered some plants, two golden leaved elderberries, some purple leaved smoke trees, and some golden leaved smoke trees a week ago and planted them on Friday. Smoke trees are related to sumacs and deer are not supposed to like them. The elderberries and smoke trees are about 4" tall which means I must be optimistic.

I prefer First-Light to the sunrises

The porch view of the naked trees in the north forest;
beyond is north Lake Huron leaf-hidden during the summer.

Even the soft colored sunrises are amazing.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

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