Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Darin's crew from TAC building came and worked all day yesterday in spite of the fact that it was extremely cold. (Today is even colder so I'm very glad they didn't risk being outside up here again.) Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Even though it's frostbite weather, the view is amazing. This is my road in through my land (below).

Looking west towards Lakeshore through my forest.
Looking east to Lake Huron through my forest.

Looking south at my new sitting room.
Looking east.
Looking north.
The north wall -
window, fireplace, north door to the dogs' yard/garden.

The south wall, cubby and front door (at last).

The west wall, transom windows.
It's not a large room; when it's finished, I'll finally have a front entry door for company and a "living room" which I'm calling a sitting room - no TV. Maybe three chairs.
February is a hard month because that's when our weather in Michigan really gets bad, in my opinion, it's still a good month because now is when I can take the time to browse catalogs and order my seeds and plants for spring shipment. I've been poring through catalogs from Stark Bro's, Prairie Nursery, Wayside Gardens, Jung Seeds, White Flower Farm, Select Seeds, McClure & Zimmerman, Roots & Rhizomes, and Exciting Gardens.  I've made my selections and now I'll wait patiently for the arrival of new plants! Many things will start to arrive by Mid-March. In the meantime, I have my books to read. Winter is a wonderful time for me to rest from yard 'work'. I would not want to live in an area where I could garden all year. I need the break, the semi-hibernation, in order to become reinvigorated.

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