Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Two recent sunrises: ~


On schedule Darin, Greg and the crew came up this morning and worked in the cold all day. Even the delivery truck with its load of wood arrived early. There were white caps on Lake Huron but I think the house protected them a bit from the wind. It's winter, after all. The last two shots show the surround or chase for the new fireplace. The current fireplace is a wood burning one; the new one in the sitting room will be gas. 

One of the Clivia has started to bloom.
Unfortunately what I cannot share is the lovely smell.
I have divided my original Clivia plant and then shared those divisions with good friends. I have also started several others from seeds and shared those too. Flowers don't regularly set seeds and when they do, it takes more than a year for a seed on a plant to mature. Clivia nurture their seeds and the baby plants within those seeds by feeding them as long as the seeds remain attached to the parent plant. That gives them a head start. The seedlings are extremely slow growing taking years to reach maturity. One of my life lessons has been to learn patience. In my seventies now, I have finally learned that lesson. Growing in pots along the tops of my bookshelves are numerous Bonsai - which also take many years to acquire their grace and beauty.

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