Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Species bulbs produce smaller flowers but they do multiply and spread. These are tricolor crocus. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Probably my favorite spring flower is winter aconite (below). There are two species and they open early and spread easily by seed.

A species crocus and a spring flowering iris bulb.

Korpur, Totty, and Bear enjoy the warmer spring-like weather after a big storm the other night.

There's a volunteer tree in a field on the way to Sandusky, Michigan that captures my eye every time I drive by. I think it's an apple tree but I'll keep my eye on it this spring.

Witch Hazels have always been a favorite early spring flower of mine. This bush is found in the backyard of a house in downtown Sandusky.

There was a flock of swans feeding in a field near Sandusky. There's something amazing about seeing a large group of swans.

First light this morning, St. Patrick's Day. I recently found out that I am part Irish which surprised and pleased me. I also have Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, etc. DNA to go along with my obvious Danish and British genes. Of course, of course we all go back to Africa the cradle of our species.

Those who've known me for years know that back in Royal Oak I did not have a lawn; I had, instead, a large perennial garden - both front and back yards. I saved money on gas and on mowers which was good for the environment, and also encouraged pollinators, many species of insects, etc.Up here I want to have native wild flowers and a neat but not manicured yard so today I'm off to buy my first lawn "tractor" (large lawn mower) in more than thirty years. I'm surprisingly excited!!

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