Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bluebirds and Phoebes are back! - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I don't often post sunset photos; guess I'm too busy at that time of the day. First lights and sunrises are my 'thing'.

After drenching rain Sunday and Monday we had a nice sunset last night and the bluebirds are back today checking out the cleaned-out nest boxes. Spring is here (at least for them). Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I bought my first mower in over thirty years a week ago; it was delivered before the rain storm and I mowed the "lawn" for the first time ever. Currently the plan will be to mow maybe three or four times a summer; I like a natural look but I've worked hard to eliminate the Russian Olive bushes (currently called Autumn Olives) and I don't want to give them a chance to come back. With their long thorns they are nasty and alien things.

The sunset last night over the pole barn.

I went for breakfast to Al's in nearby Harbor Beach this morning with the good ole boys and then headed over to Hill Top Nursery on the way to Bad Axe to pick up three different Hamamelis varieties in three gallon pots that I had ordered from them. When I got back home, Daren and Greg were already here. Soon after the sheetrock/drywall guys arrived to put up the interior walls of the sitting room. Greg and Daren are working in the West End. The witch hazels are planted and look really good. Here's hoping.
Some shots of a sunrise from early last week.
The amazing view from inside the house.

Another sunrise from later in the week.

It's been so interesting to see how the various work crews working on the house react to the property. To a man they are drawn to the bluff and stare out at Lake Huron. It's wonderful for me because that's exactly how I feel and it pleases me to see others react the same way. The very first time I visited the property - by myself  - without a real estate agent - I knew descending from my car and before my left foot hit the ground that this was the piece of property I'd build on and live on. My first plan always was to buy a cottage up here so I could come and visit on weekends, holidays, etc. Once I saw this amazing spot, my plans changed and I haven't looked back.

It's time to feed the dogs who MUST be obeyed.

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