Monday, March 7, 2016

February/March 2016

February left like a lamb - beautiful sunrises. The sun rises in the east which is the direction my house faces so the morning sunrises include the spectacular Lake Huron. I do get great sunsets looking west; I'm a morning person so I enjoy seeing first lights and sunrises more.


March brought another 12" of snow. It does make things very pretty and the dogs love it and never get tired of it. The workers prefer working when it's cold because they don't have to deal with the mud - which I'm sure will be here soon as things thaw.

They are making good progress on the new sitting room. Daren broke through the basement wall into the new crawl space last weekend in preparation for the duct work for the geothermal system. Insulation might be added this week and then some more electrical work. They've been putting some finishing work on to the outside which is very slow work but, like the icing on a cake, very important for "finishing" things.

I've contacted someone in Bad Axe about finding a large grindstone from Grindstone City. I've tried by myself with no luck.

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