Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

Although not all of the first lights and sunrises here are "beautiful" in the spectacularly beautiful sense, they are, however, all uniquely beautiful. Does that make sense? Today it was overcast but looking out at the shades of gray and blue over the lake, the first light was gorgeous - words fail me. There were small streaks of great color too. Clicking enlarges photos.

Daren and the crew that sprays foam for insulation were here today and did the "Sitting Room" and the "West End". Like all crews that have been here, they were drawn to the bluff and stared across Lake Huron - perhaps they were trying to see Canada or maybe they were just simply enjoying the awesome view.

I really enjoy talking with the workers. The insulation guys came from Attica which actually isn't that far from me. Not surprisingly, they didn't know a former acquaintance of mine who lives in semi-seclusion there.

Daren said he'll be back next week, maybe Tuesday. I'm thinking that maybe the walls of the West End will go up then or soon. Another inspector needs to come up for the sitting room before Daren can install the new window, new door, and new garage door for the West End. Additional insulation has to go in above the ceiling there too. Then, as a final step, I suspect that he will seal the concrete floor after everything else is done.

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