Monday, August 8, 2016

Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin

I have always taken Voltaire's Candide literally even though I know better. Il faut cultiver le jardin.

Jim, one of my Royal Oak gardening friends hated day lilies calling them "ditch lilies", probably a reference to the common orange "wild" day lilies that one sees every summer for a week or two growing along the side of roads everywhere around here . Even so, scattered around his yard he kept several clumps of one day lily that he called "Autumn Orange" or "Hughe's Autumn Orange". It doesn't start flowering until mid-August and continues flowering into the fall here. It's especially welcome because most of the modern hybrid day lilies are usually finished by this time of the year. Unlike most modern day lilies, it flowers for a very long time; it's also a wonderful happy butterscotch color. I suspect it may be a species because over the years it has produced seedlings that are similar, perhaps identical, to the parent.


Black-Eyed Susan volunteer

Praying Hands Hosta


Preying Mantis

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