Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Almost Autumn - Contact Info

It's hard to believe it but autumn is almost here; the leaves on the trees have that dry rustling sound that happens around this time of the year and the fall crickets are courting with sweet symphonies.
It's now dark when the dogs wake me to go outside and it's getting dark earlier. The heat persists so I've not started working outside; I take a long summer break from gardening when the sun is strong and the temps are high. There will always be time in the fall to enjoy putting things to bed for the winter.

Sunset last night.

I went down south to Sandusky to get groceries; I swear I spend more on the dogs than I spend on myself. Why not, eh? The air was so clear and crisp on the way back up north that the windmills stood out against the sky. There's a controversy up here re: windmill power. Some don't like it but those farmers that allow the huge wind turbines on their land seem to prosper.

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