Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I'm trying to "look west" near sunset. That's actually hard because looking east the lake view is always fantastic. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The wasp trap is not lit up although it does look like it is. It's merely the sun in the west lighting it up wonderfully.

High up on the west wall of my sitting room there are three small rectangular windows which usually no one notices. However, sitting in the easy chairs and looking up there are some spectacular mini-views. It helps to have a glass of wine to really enjoy those views.

I recently heard about a restaurant called The Dining Room apparently run by the Amish which is hidden on the north west side of the city. So, I visited it on Friday at noon - expecting a crowd. Nope. I was expecting interesting food. I so miss a good deli and a great Reuben.

I just finished dividing and moving the last of the Hosta from around various spots in the garden into the north-east garden. The soil there is improving; when this year's bulbs arrive I'll be ready!

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