Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunrise/Sunset - Apologies to Fiddler on the Roof

Amazing views every day. 
Clicking on photos enlarges them.

 Jack in the Pulpit has great flowers in the spring and colorful fall berries. 
This plant came from my Royal Oak home.

 A Carsonville home has these batches perennial wild sunflowers now.
Some have appeared in my yard too.

 Posing any of my dogs is problematic.
Kata and Kria with a great sedum.
Jealous Totty always wants to be in the shot. 

 A very nice couple bought the cottage immediately north of me. They gutted it and completely re-did the inside and also the outside: two additional new bedrooms, new great room including a re-done kitchen, living and dining area, new furnace, a new roof and new vinyl siding after tearing off the old aluminum siding. Tons of improvements. After a year, they decided they wanted something "more" and bough a cottage down the road so this one is up for sale. He works at a credit union one in Royal Oak - I think. I wish I knew someone who wanted a cottage in move-in condition. It's really cute.  If it stops raining, Here's a link: -

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