Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunday, December 17, 2016

We've had two large snowstorms this week which, I think, is unusual for early December. We've all been told that global warming aka climate change is going to make the weather extremes, well, even more extreme. Deniers, who apparently cannot read or listen to the 97% of climate scientists who claim this is happening and will accelerate, cite these very cold and snowy conditions as proof that the earth is not getting warmer. They apparently do not understand what is obvious to most of us. The new norm is colder winters alternating with warmer summers and extreme weather conditions in all seasons. Yay. 

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Moon over Sans Souci (aka the pole barn).

 Kids growing up today will think that this is normal, and it will be for them.

I haven't shoveled or swept the east deck leaving the undisturbed snow glistening in the sunlight. Snow here, unlike back in Royal Oak, stays white. The grimy, dirty snow of the city does nothing to lessen unrelenting bleak, gray winter doldrums.

Feeding birds gives the dogs, cats and me something to watch and enjoy. Yes, I know it's expensive but so are drugs, gambling, booze, travel, etc. and this gives me continual pleasure all winter. I remember mourning (morning) doves cooing at our cottage summers on Silver Lake near South Lyon and they have remained one of my favorite birds. I wonder what the passenger pigeons were like. This era is now called the anthropocene because the rate and number of extinctions due to us (humans) continues to accelerate. It is going to be a much changed world that we leave behind. I am sure the world will survive - with us or without us.

It will still be some time before Lake Huron is frozen; the freighters are still plying the waters.

After the first snowstorm on the way to Deckerville I found myself behind a fast traveling snowplow sending out snow plumes reminiscent of the waves fast moving motorboats make on lakes in the summer. I was afraid to get too close in case, blinded by the snow, I ran into the plow or, an approaching car got sidetracked and ended up in my lane. There is very little traffic now, however, and things went swimmingly, er, icily.

 My Bonsai Jul Camellia is blossoming a little earlier than it usually does. It arrived as a toothpick sized stick with about half a dozen leaves about fifteen years ago. I realize that people down south have them as shrubs in the yards; up north their winter flowers are a amazing reward for summer long patience.

I received a great Jul present - three seasons of the Vikings on DVD - but there was no card so I don't know who sent it. I have an idea but - - - - -. Because I'm snowed in for a while, I started watching and I'm hooked. It seems to me with my somewhat limited knowledge, that it is fairly accurate historically.

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