Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Weeds are flowers whose virtues have never been discovered. - Cafe

I finished planting the last of the bulbs today. Good soaking rain last night which will help the newly planted Norway Spruces.

The fall color must be almost peak now. Pity the leaves don't stay on the trees longer; bare branches are around for a long time here. I like naked trees but six or seven months! Some shots taken along Lakeshore Road returning home after breakfast at Mary's and a trip to Raymond Hardware - Click on photos to enlarge them

The sumac are lovely this year: - reds, purples, and all shades in between.
I have no idea what all the big trucks are carrying; there are lots of them but at least they go the speed limit (or more).
Kreiner's Korner is not un-like a 7-11. Lots of junk food, pop, beer and ice cream - and only 15 minutes away!
Deckerville is down this road a piece on the way to Sandusky, the capital of Sanilac County.

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