Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Exploring # 1

I live on a "U" shaped driveway that is shared with four other houses and one permanently placed travel trailer. One arm of the U goes through my small, about 9 acres, forest. The other arm is on someone else's property.

Connected to our properties is a much larger piece of land owned by an older couple which is not connected by the shared "U" shaped driveway; they have their own private drive. I'm guessing that there were some trees on their land when they bought it and that they probably planted many more trees soon after they built. They both are retired architects. On a ridge behind their house and out buildings is a high ridge several hundred yards long with an alley-way of mature pine trees; they are mostly white pines. As the ridge approaches Lake Huron there is a gradual slope; at the end of the slope is a crescent shaped beach and a bay. There's a picnic table, a circle of stones, a fire pit, and piles of wood for building fires. The affect is not unlike Stone Henge. Walking down between the pines towards the beach, which you cannot see until the end of the aisle, is like walking through an old European cathedral. Although the surf is noisy, the Pine Cathedral is quiet, whisper quiet. There are several benches, different sizes and shapes, scattered along the walkway. Most are for a solitary soul.

Here are several photos of the path. Clicking on them will enlarge them. The beach is at the eastern end. There is a river meandering through their property which empties into Lake Huron at the beach.

We are heading east; the triangle of light is Lake Huron.
Clicking enlarges.

Slope down to the beach.


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