Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mornings are fresh and clean and never the same. I am no more lonely or alone in my new home than I was in my former one - which is a realization, isn't it? Yesterday I planted some species (wild) tulips, some spring flowering wind anemones, and a few free small narcissi in my north garden. Hope springs!! The leaves have begun to turn and fall but most of the trees are still green, sparse, but green.
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I finished cleaning out the sucker Russian olive stems near the yellow jacket nest. They're still there but the cold has reduced their activity. (Three "there"-s in one sentence!) This past spring I planted three primrose yellow lilacs in the same area. They are very small. I wonder if I will ever see them flower. I know for sure that I will enjoy watching them grow - regardless.

Parents should be as happy as their unhappiest child - an interesting quote paraphrased from a recently read book.

The Jeld Wenn (spelling?) window and door-wall people are supposed to come in ten days to fix the door-walls. There are parts that keep falling off. I could try and fix them but that would void the warranty. Supposedly. Mary Ramisch, whose company painted the interior and exterior, called this week and wants to come and finish painting the window edges next week. I mentioned the wall plug plates, plastic instead of paintable metal, that were already peeling when I moved in. T.J wants to come and give me an estimate for a Generac generator. I lose power about once a week.I wondered why I was hearing from these people after waiting months. Then I remembered that Clair called last week and I mentioned that my house in Royal Oak had sold. Last year I had told him that I was considering adding an addition up here once my house sold down there. Hmmm.

The berries on this viburnum will persist until the middle of spring. They're so bright and shiny red that I had thought they would be very attractive to birds in the winter and yet they were left completely alone this year until May.  However, once the migration started this past spring, there was one species of birds that devoured them hungrily. No, not Robins. This is the new crop and, again, no birds are interested, yet. It seems strange to me that such attractive berries will remain untouched all winter waiting for that one species to return and be fueled on their migration back to their breeding grounds. Isn't nature amazing.

Brian has said again that he would like to come up and bring his photographer to do the house next Friday. I'm here. He has been asking me if he could come up since mid July and I've always said yes.

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