Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wodin -

I just heard from Imelda and Steve and Wodin who live in Canada. Here are a few excerpts from their last email - which gave me some excellent directions on getting photos from folks to my blog. I'll try to remember how I did this, how I saved and then copied photos for the next time someone sends me photos to share. Wish me luck! I LOVE hearing from our pack-puppies.

Wodin continues to flourish and mature. He is the most loving, faithful dog we have ever had and he has certainly wrapped us around his little 'paws'. He brings joy to every moment of the day. He is indeed a blessing.

On a more practical note he went for the herding instinct test in July.  He got very anxious over the whole experience and it took us some time to figure out the problem as he was most reluctant to do anything but walk at the lady's heels...then it dawned on us that with all the animals he has been around he has had to be on best behaviour, gentle and not go too close - our daughter in law has horses and a donkey as do our neighbours so he could not understand what he was being asked to do.  On the third introduction to the flock he 'got' the idea and was very proud of himself when he put his sheep in the corner. We hope to go back again after Christmas and see how he actually does and whether or not he would enjoy it. The group is an hour's drive south of us but with a ferry added in, our travel time doubles.

Imelda with Wodin

He loves the water and tries to have a swim each day but fresh water is way preferable to the sea though the latter is much easier to swim in.  He insisted on going in the canoe despite his reluctance for the powered aluminum, but that curtailed our fishing as I really did not want to join him in the water if he got excited and I wasn't prepared to find out. The lake was rather brisk which for me is five minutes max in the water.

Wodin at "work"

We enjoyed the lake up in the Cariboo again and Wodin tried his best to control the squirrels and chipmunks but the latter on the whole got the better of him. I don't know if your dogs tap the ground with their paws and then pounce just like a coyote - he's really fun to watch.

Wodin, Rory, Basil

The other two dogs belong to our son's family and Rory and Wodin have a great time together - she plays the same. Basil is now almost 4 months old and is taller than a lab so it will be interesting to see what happens when Wodin meets him next! He won't be able to boss him around any more.

Steve and Wodin

Steve and Wodin getting exercise. That's how I work out too! Wodin may become an uncle late this year or early next year; one of his litter sisters is considering having puppies.

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