Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Windy Night

"They smiled not because they were happy, but because they wished to make others happy." Enchanted April Isn't that a nice thought.

The storm stopped early this morning - still cool, close to freezing - but looks like this is going to be a gorgeous day. There is only one indoor plant still outside; the rest have been moved in for the winter. I'm thinking of going up to Harbor Beach for breakfast. Or maybe Bad Axe. Decisions, decisions.

 Clicking enlarges photos.
I'm posting the weather map from our ABC Channel 7 below so maybe you can visualize where I live now. If you look on the right side (the Lake Huron side) of the thumb, you can see Port Sanilac. Canada is on the other side of Lake Huron. Look north of Port Sanilac and you can see a line that separates Huron County (where Bad Axe is located close to the tip of the thumb (we call it the thumb nail) from Sanilac County (where I live now). I live almost on the county line, about one mile below it.

Today I'm going back to the Pine Cathedral - which is the best way I can describe my southern neighbors' property. I will add photos when I get back. Their property is awe inspiring.

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