Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Drive

"Are we being good ancestors?" - Jonas Salk

My parents used to love getting in the car and just going for a ride. Now, finally now, I get it. Even near the very end of his life, Dad wanted to go for a ride somewhere, anywhere. Just a ride with no purpose, no goal.

I loved the deep purple, almost black sky of this morning's sunrise. Look at those clouds and the horizon where the sun is struggling to break through. The last three photos show it succeeded! Click to enlarge.

Another beautiful morning. Breakfast at Mary's and to Kenn's for winter squash, then on to Jerry's for dinner stuff: I think a Poulet Piperade avec des poivrons orange et jaune sounds good!

Just meld these two photos together. The windmill on the right above is also the one on the left in the photo below. There's almost too many to count!
Company coming tonight: Poulet Piperade! Check out Jon's video: -

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