Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, the Last Day of August, 2014

I'm not sure these photos will show the seagulls: -
Clicking on the photos may enlarge them enough for you to be able to see them.

They come in the hundreds from the fields where they may be gorging themselves on earthworms and/or grasshoppers. My neighbor to the north was out trying to shoot them. He's from the Balkans.

Today I hung some more pictures in the pole barn and in my garage. Why not? That's better than just letting them sit in the storage racks. I emptied several boxes, inside one of them I found a nest of baby mice probably only a day old. I didn't see mom but some of them were scattered on the floor so she must have been trying to save them. I put the scattered ones back in the nest. I'm sure they won't be there tomorrow.

The traffic on M-25 was heavy (of course nothing like the traffic on 13 Mile) with vacationers frantically rushing to enjoy Labor Day. Ha.

Closing has been moved up to this week. They are anxious to move in. That's good!

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