Friday, April 3, 2015

Bad Axe

Today is my birthday; I have traveled around the sun 72 times. Some people have asked me why I don't travel now. I used to travel quite a bit when I was younger and traveling by plane was romantic, adventurous, and pleasant. It isn't any longer. It's exactly the opposite, in my opinion.

However, I still "travel". The earth is moving in its orbit around the sun at 69,360 MPH. The earth is moving along with our Galaxy at 574,585 MPH. Maybe that includes the 69,000. Don't know.

We are all traveling at great speed in our spaceship earth. That's enough for me now.

I celebrated my birthday today by traveling the short distance to Bad Axe for breakfast. I traveled there at about 55 MPH - really slow.

On the way back I saw these turkey vultures in a field; they've been back here for about a week now. There are plenty of raccoon, possum, and deer carcasses for them to feast on. The red wing blackbirds have been back for about two weeks. A couple of days ago I saw a flock of about 50 swans flying overhead. Majestic.
Yesterday the pups and I went to Sandusky for our microchips and DHPP shots. The pups behaved themselves and everyone fell in love.
One of the pups was diagnosed with coccidia from a stool sample I took to the vets. Because I'm not sure which puppy had the problem, I'm treating them all with Albon, which is very effective and apparently has a nice flavor - they love it which makes giving it easy.
I was told that if one puppy has it, soon others in the litter will get it because it's contagious. I have had puppies with coccidiosis before and they have always gotten better using Albon so I'm not worried. I will not let them travel if they are sick. A few days before they leave, they will be checked out again.
The article below says that stress may cause an occurrence or a reoccurrence. Traveling and adjusting to its new home may be stressful for your puppy. Please let me know if your puppy has an issue soon after arriving at your home. Be sure to take your puppy to your vet within 24 - 48 hours after you get him or her to its new home. Take a stool sample. I'm including with all the other papers, the vet reports.
The article also says that young puppies immune systems may have trouble controlling the coccidian but as they mature, as their immune systems mature, their own bodies can remove the organisms. Because they are getting older and because their immune systems are beginning to function normally, they should all be OK - soon.

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