Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Stools -

All the stools are normal this morning! I will be watching all day today (and for a few days) just to be sure.

I could only guess at the reason(s) why they've become safe again. Maybe it just took the Albon longer to work. Or maybe the dosage was too small and the increase was what worked. Or both.

I've said this before but it should be repeated. I try to keep my puppy buyers aware of any issues just in case those issues become more serious. I dislike secrets. Unfortunately explaining what is happening may cause some worry - but wouldn't you rather know while things are developing instead of finding out after the fact?

I've been training, showing, breeding, raising Icelandic sheepdogs for over a decade - since before they were officially accepted into the AKC and the CKC - and I have had cocccidia show up before; all of the affected puppies have survived and thrived. Having said that, this is my first litter in my new house and with a new vet. The staff at Town and Country vets in downtown Sandusky, Michigan have been very patient, kind, and understanding; I appreciate all they've done for me and the dog pack. They are very nice folks. My former vets were five minutes away from Royal Oak. T & C is about half an hour away.

Photos later? Kippa leaves for her new home with Suzanne tomorrow. I'm really going to miss that beautiful girl.

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