Sunday, April 19, 2015

And Then There Were None

The last Icelandic Sheepdog puppy left yesterday with his new mommy, Courtney.  Courtney's mother came with her for company. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

 I knew I was going to be down after they left but I really didn't know how low I would be. We had trouble with coccidia and one of the pups actually got giardia. They were never really ill, still very happy and active but I tend to be a worrier. They all seem to be recovering now, thankfully; their new families are keeping me informed about their progress. I think I may come to regret not keeping one of the pups from this amazing litter.

I see freighters way out in Lake Huron frequently but rarely see smaller craft. Yesterday I saw these two fishing boats out in front of my home and they reminded me of Silver Lake and my Grandfather and brother, both fishermen extraordinaire.

On one of our last trips early last fall to "our" waterfall, I dug with a spoon a small offshoot of a large leaved waters-edge plant and transplanted it to the edge of my goldfish pond. It survived but didn't thrive. However, it really surprised me by flowering this week. The flower is a composite and resembles a very small dandelion (which it most definitely isn't). There are several short stalks with several flower buds on each stalk so I'm sure there will be more flowers soon. I haven't any idea what its name is; I've looked in all the books and guides but can find nothing like it which means it's probably a non-native plant.

I used my finger to indicate the size of the flower. The first spring flowers may be small but the appreciation we have for them after a long winter cannot be measured.

 This morning's "First Light"

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