Thursday, April 9, 2015


Many Icelandic Sheepdog litters have three or four puppies. This litter had six! Three left today and I am lonely. It's quiet (relatively) here. (If you want to increase the size of the photos, click on them.)

Gunnar, Bangsi, and Tully are still here.  Here are some shots of the pups in their X-pen (exercise pen) together for one last time.

I thought Kippa - only - was leaving with Suzanne today.

Suzanne and Jennifer came this afternoon and Kippa, Kitty, and Lizzie left for their new homes.

Jennifer (along with Korpur and Pila and Totty) helped me take a few photos of Lizzie while they were here. Lizzie is only about eight weeks old so she doesn't quite get it - - yet. She will. Isn't she amazing. They all are! Of course I am completely unbiased - wink, wink.

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