Friday, April 17, 2015

First Born; Last to Leave

Another Lake Huron Sunrise for Vinlands Icelandic Sheepdogs. People wonder how I manage to get up for the pre-sunrise. Duh! Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

 Bangsi, "Come play with me!"

"Maybe mother Totty will?"

"Ah, yes, the doggy play bow! That means she wants to play too."

Rolling over on the back and exposing the vulnerable stomach is an indication of willingness to play and also a sign of submission. Many Icelandics do this immediately on meeting other dogs to signal that, no they don't want to fight, instead they'd love to play.

Totty and Bangsi are demonstrating lessons on play time.


Puppies are born into a 'pack', a litter, and they learn from their litter mates while growing about cooperation. They learn to bite without hurting. If they bite too hard, their sharp puppy teeth will hurt their partner and the partner will cry and stop playing. It's a very, very important lesson. They want to play. Bullies don't get to play because no one wants to play with them. It's important while they are still puppies to be able to play with other puppies. That's why I strongly encourage people to enroll in a puppy class ASAP after their puppies are protected by vaccinations but before they forget lessons learned from their littermates.

Totty and Bangsi are using their 'soft mouths' to play. When you play with your puppy, let it know if it hurts you that using teeth on your skin is not acceptable. Crying "Oww!"  lets your pup know that it's hurt you. Stop playing for a few seconds. Neither Totty nor Bangsi had to cry "Oww!" during this play session.

 Bangsi is practicing his 'back-side down' to show willingness to play. When you play with your puppy, try to maneuver it gently into that position from time to time.

Vinlands Totty with one of her recent pups, Vinlands Bangsi, sired by Calvin (Kross Gola Kelinn). Bangsi was the first puppy born in his litter and is the last one to leave his birth home. It will be very hard letting him go. He's special.

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