Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Vinlands Wodin

Wodin is the Icelandic Sheepdog puppy from Totty's first litter. I got the email (below) from Wodin's family a few days ago; I've been so busy playing with and cleaning up after the puppies that I didn't have time to share. My apologies to Wodin's family. 

I'm envious of their 'spring'. Daffodils already!! My early spring bulbs haven't even started to come up yet. Maybe soon? I've been wondering what's been happening with the garden at my former home; haven't heard anything. I know they adopted two labs from a rescue organization. I'm so curious about their effect on the yard. Things change and whatever happens, it's OK.

Like Steve I have been known to take more than one luxurious nap a day - - although I haven't had a nap for almost eight weeks. I wonder why?

Kippa leaves this week on Thursday, April 9. Kitty, Lizzie, and Gunnar leave this coming Saturday, April 11. Tully Lulu leaves a week from tomorrow on Wednesday, April 15. Bangsi was the reluctant first born and will be the reluctant last to leave. Interesting that. Very interesting. He doesn't leave until Saturday, April 18 because his new mom has to finish her schooling. I've never had a puppy stay that long. I'm really afraid that because his siblings will all be gone, he will be alone and I will spend much more time with him and will bond with him. Will he become so much a part of my own pack that I won't want to let him go? Hmmm!

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Hi Jaime,
We have yet to congratulate you and Totty on a beautiful set of puppies. There is so much variety in the litter that it is really difficult to pick a favourite. I know I have changed mine a number of times! The lucky would be owners are going to be really happy with their choice as all of them are so good looking and personality is popping out from all of them.

Well Totty's #1 litter is three today and by the look of the year's pictures are all doing well.  Here are some more of our 'mature' Wodin though to see him steam around the house with a variety of toys makes us wonder when that event will happen. 

I could not resist putting in the pictures of the daffodils! Your neck of the woods still appears to be cold. We're getting the gardens ready for planting and I bought my first veggies yesterday ready to put in this week!.  Actually we may have a bad drought this year as there is very little snow in the mountains which is not good news and our ski resorts had to close down in February. .Apart from the constant rain we are enjoying the spring.

Wodin thoroughly enjoys his runs - we  have to rotate two balls to keep him on the go. He does about a mile at flat out speed with ten throws and then he proceeds to make sure no vultures, eagles or hawks are lurking anywhere. Of course we have 7 vultures, 4 eagles plus a sharpshinned pair, a red tailed pair and most recently a northern or marsh harrier and a small merlin in the area. Luckily for him our small pond still has water so he'll cool off two or three times each day. We constantly get comments about how nice and clean he is! Enjoy the photos - the one with Steve is a daily occurence around 3pm. Methinks you enjoy siestas too.

A very Happy Birthday to you too for the 3rd. We wish you all the best for the coming year - good health and happy times too.

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