Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Icelandic Sheepdog Vinlands Kippa Jane with "her" ball. She loves playing with her toys and relaxing with her boy toy Tryggur (Hidow Thrymheim's Tryggur) apparently. To enlarge the photos, click on them.

Kippa Jane


Kippa and Isabella

Kippa with Tryggur

Veronica, Tryggur's breeder, has Icelandic Sheepdog puppies and there may still be some available. The parents are Hidow Thrymheim Vinur and Hidow Tara and her kennel is Hidow - you might be able to find it with Google or you could contact me and I'll give you Roni's email.

Sandi also recently had puppies; her kennel (Blackstar) is listed above on the right or I could send you Sandi's email. The parents of Sandi's litter are Leiru HĂșni from Iceland and her own Blackstar Birta who can trace her ancestry back to the old Palmahaus kennel established in the mid 1970's here in North America.

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