Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Bangsi's new family is coming on Saturday, April 18, 2015 to pick him up for their new home in Maine. Jeff and Courtney are really looking forward to meeting him in person - soon. I can tell you that he is really missing his litter-siblings; we will try very hard to fill the temporary void in his life until Saturday. Icelandic Sheepdogs love people and it's hard for them to be alone - he won't be completely alone, he's got mother Totty, the other adult Icelandics, and a couple of cats (and me) for company. It is seldom actually quiet here as my visitors can attest. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Bangsi is relaxed, not 'out of it'. He is not ill here either. I've never had a puppy this relaxed while waiting for a vet to arrive. That's my shoe by the examining table.

Here's Kit in her new home.

We've all been very busy with vet visits for microchips, preliminary inoculations, travel papers, medications, etc. It is not easy letting my 'babies' leave but it was time for them to go. Post partum depression does not happen only to human mothers, it also happens to canine 'parents'.

Lizzie and her new best friend.

Bangsi has been whining for Tully Lulu but is quiet now. As we often say here: LSDL - let sleeping dogs lie.


My plant purchases destined for my new garden have started arriving. They will help to keep me busy. Busy hands are happy hands, so they say. I really wanted to keep one of the pups from what may be my last litter but I was so extremely fortunate that I had wonderful families ask for puppies that I could not resist them. They will all have great homes, which is most important for me.

Gorgeous Gunnar

I have had several visitors, blue birds and tree swallows, to my new blue bird houses. I hope they like the houses and move in. Time will tell.

The new families have all promised to keep me informed on the progress, the ups and downs of having a new puppy. Mostly ups. And they have all promised to send photos. Thank you!!

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