Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Buy - Good Bye


I went to the 810 house before closing today and pruned and weeded a bit. Ron, my Re-Max agent, stopped by with more "unusual" news from the buyers - some last minute demands. - the day of closing.
Later at closing they wanted to meet and ask me questions. That ship had sailed. I acceded to all their demands. I did not want to be ambushed any further by revealing any more information on the house. I had written several pages with the names and contact information for virtually any worker they might have need of. Those guys were/are all good people - - - - and I did not want to burden them with a, IMO, PITA-person. I had also revealed some of the quirks that virtually all houses have. I did not want those revelations to come back and bite me in the butt. Sorry.
On the plus side - - -  at least her (their?) behavior took away any sadness that I might have had leaving my home for literally half of my life, and my city for virtually all of my life - - behind.

Also on the plus side, I was gone from 7:30 to almost 4:00 and the dogs had been GREAT! No accidents, no damage; they were happy to see me. Thank God for them.

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