Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rudbeckia lancinata

It  was a long trip and a struggle to survive but the few Rudbeckia lancinata I brought up here from 810 managed to make it, even if they didn't actually "thrive", and are a pleasant reminder of their relatives back in R.O. The goldfinches have found them and the one Silphium perfoliatum that actually flowered this summer. The latter is a perennial sunflower and stunning when it reaches full form. The stem comes through the leaves which form a cup where they meet. The cup collects water when it rains and stores small amounts which the birds quickly find. I'm hoping some seeds will survive and grow next spring. They certainly spread throughout my 810 yard!

Rudbeckia lancinata
Clicking on photos enlarges them.

They were both picky eaters this year but next year they should do much better. Everything I transplanted from R.O. survived thanks to the overly generous rain we've had this summer. The water level in Lake Huron is way up!!

I plan on going to the 6:45 p.m. showing of "The Hundred Foot Journey" in Sandusky this afternoon.

Brian of HF Architecture (see the link above right) said he and his photographer were coming up this week to take photos, indoor and outdoor, of the house. I haven't heard from him, not surprisingly, so I don't know if their plans have changed. We are expecting yet another severe storm on Wednesday. The dogs love storms, the louder it is and the more lightening flashes there are, the more they like it. I suspect that's from being natives to Iceland where they are farm and herding dogs. Gotta be tough to survive there! Maybe the coming storm will change Brian's plans.

Speaking of Icelandics, earlier this week I thought Totty was coming into season, now I don't. She has done this before: started and then stopped. It's in her nature. I'm wondering if Sunna takes after mom!

Eric from last year's new house building up here in Palms stopped by yesterday and tried to fix the flashing around two of the door-walls.

I've never talked about my geothermal - so far I'm loving it.

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