Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Day of Summer

Even so, it feels like fall. Today. Tomorrow, some summer days still.
We have had new ferocious storms almost every other day for several weeks now. Gorgeous and awe inspiring. We remain snug as bugs in a rug. Even the Pond is filled to almost overflowing. Yesterday a snapping turtle baby was found curled up inside its shell and upside down on the wood chips by the dogs. I suspect a bird had snatched it up and accidentally dropped it. I let it go in the pond, probably not the best idea. John made himself to home and disappeared.

There are some birch trees west of my kitchen window. I've put out bird houses all over my North Woods; most were occupied by house wrens and chickadees this summer. The best house - above - didn't measure up to any bird's standards and remained empty all summer. Maybe it was too close to the trunk; the others were all hanging from wispy branches where they would be safer from possible predators.

This Michaelmas Daisy has just started to flower and reminded me of one of those modern Christmas trees with fiber optic lights. Only the tips of the branches have open flowers so far. You might be able to see it better by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

An interesting line from a current read: - Flying Shoes by Lisa Howorth - "You're only as happy as your unhappiest child." That's a line some parents should take to heart.

Last summer the lake shoreline was about a hundred yards out, probably where the white caps are breaking in this photo; now my two islands are really islands. Maybe by this time next year they, and the saplings and shrubs on them, will be submerged. My yellow stone Adirondack chair may be submarined also.

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