Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I love sunrises and sunsets up here near Forestville. Spectacular!
Looking east towards Canada - Ontario.
I'd call that a Constable sky, would you? Clicking enlarges photos.
Same day/time looking west back at the front porch.

These shots, because of the shadows probably, reminded me of our family cottage west of South Lyon on Silver Lake between Ann Arbor and Brighton where we Harding cousins spent glorious summers in the country.

My Mother's family was from the South Lyon & New Hudson area. Grandpa moved the family away from South Lyon to Rosedale Park because he had offices in the Fisher Building. They wanted a place they could go back to in order to visit family. It's most likely the last cottage on the lake now surrounded by big-foot houses. I decided to build up north because my family didn't welcome my visits to the lake. I wanted to retire on water, prices around Southeast Michigan were outrageous, prices up here were better, the dogs wanted more room. However, I miss the conveniences of living crowded.

Went to Mary's for breakfast and then to Sandusky for a ten minute oil change - which took less than ten minutes but it took about 15 minutes to roll the oil gauge up to 100% - a problem I have every time I change my oil. Honda!! I love Homer, my Odyssey, but on a car with this many gadgets and innovations you would think they could get that right, right and easy!

I also stopped in the Secretary of State's Sandusky office to change the address on my driver's license and register to vote up here. No line! No wait. Done in about a minute. I'm used to taking a number and waiting in hard metal chairs along with two dozen other unhappy folks for our turn with grumpy, overworked clerks - plural. My clerk was alone and quick and happy. I didn't even get a chance to sit down to read my Kindle.

On the way back home, HOME!, I saw a man putting flags on the fire hydrants - an annual chore done in the fall so firemen-women can find the hydrants in winter snows. The height of the flags is a warning, I suspect. Ha!

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