Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I just finished enjoying "The Roosevelts", the newest Ken Burns special on PBS, filled with interesting stuff about Teddy, Eleanor, and Franklin.

Among the sillier things: Kermit was the name of one of the Roosevelts' children. Below Kermit sits on the rock for the first time. I named him after the Jim Hensen character and before I learned about Kermit Roosevelt. but it "works" I think. Perhaps Tryggur is actually Miss Piggy? My Totty was named for Eleanor whose pet name was Totty.

After 10% of the pond was dug by John, it started to rain so things were put on hold for about three or four weeks; there was rainstorm and a resulting flooding disaster down in the Detroit area in August and John had to return down home to rescue people and their basements. Kermit, as a very young and small froglet, showed up at the pond site before it was finished and moved right in! He got a web-foot hold on his new territory and has stayed around since then.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The cross hatch shadows on the rock is from the netting which protects the fish, frog, turtle(?) from aerial predators like herons, seagulls, bald eagles, etc. Yesterday morning I found a big wet spot on one of the rocks and the netting was in disarray. This morning I saw a woodchuck running from my vegetable garden. (I use the term "vegetable garden" loosely! Next year will be better, all gardeners say.)

Got my flu shot today. Lost electricity last night for about the fourth time in the last month and a half. Is there something about monopolies that makes them feel like they can do (or not do) anything. I'm concerned about our deteriorating infrastructure. Water, gas, electricity, roads - you can't just set them up and forget them. Politicians.

Talked with Daren about doing some improvements on the west end of the pole barn. He did a great job on the east end. He can't get started until December; that would be fine, said I. He'll get back to me with a bid.

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