Sunday, September 7, 2014

Super Moon - Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm thinking tonight we'll have a full moon.

n.b. - I missed the full moon by one day. I just heard that this moon was a super, super moon and a harvest moon. Harvest moons are defined as the full moon that comes closest to the autumnal equinox - I think I have that right - which is in late September. Super moons are full moons that occur when the moon comes closest to the earth. That happened in July, August, and September this year.

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I have NEVER been as aware of the phases of the moon as I am now. Fascinating. And the stars up here! Amazing. It is no wonder that remote ancestors were so impressed by the night skies.

Korpur, Tryggur and Kata

My southern neighbors up here have started cutting down and burning their phragmites. My turn next - as soon as the weather turns cool, perhaps.

Totty and Pila

Totty may be starting her season. If so we may have chosen her mate. Getting them together, however, is going to take a village!

I had a very nice note from Kate who along with her husband Ed and the two sets of twins, Curtis and Rose who will be living in the two southern bedrooms on the second floor, and Marion and Pearl who will be living together in the original master bedroom on the northern side of the second floor. The largest bedroom on the second floor will become a playroom, sleepover room (and perhaps when they are older, a study room?). They have moved in and slept there for the first time last night.

Perhaps the real PITA people were our agents.

I asked if they might close off the first floor master bedroom with a door; there isn't one there now; it's open. She said, "I love the flow of it and we would need a very good reason to change that."

Real estate agents insisted that I remove a door that used to be between the kitchen and living room. I did not like the idea but gave in. I kept that door closed 99% of the time because it provided privacy. Kate said, "This was one of the first conversations my husband and I had!  I told him I felt closing that off would be a good idea."

People used to think that my gardening took a lot of time. It didn't actually. I know it took less time than mowing the lawn would have taken. I worked on the garden in the spring and the fall when the weather was moderate. If I kept ahead of weeds before they had a chance to grow, it was easy. I rarely worked in the yard in the summer; too hot and I'm too fair - the sun has done a job on me over the years.

I loved this remark about the plants in my former yard: - "Do you feel you got everything you think you would want?  If not please don't feel as if you couldn't come get things." I did try and take cuttings and divisions of many of my plants; quite a few of them are heirlooms from Grandpa and Grandma Hansen and Grandpa and Grandma Harding. It was exceedingly nice of her to offer, don't you think?

I did get virtually everything I wanted. If they survive the transplanting and the coming winter, I'll be happy.

I read that Lake Huron is up 28" this summer. My two islands are almost NOT islands now. Last summer they were surrounded by dry land and rocks. People up here say that it may still be going up because of all the rain this summer. If we get another snowy winter like the one from 2013/2014, and another totally iced-in Great Lakes winter too, the water should be at an all time high!

By the way, the new goldfish from "The Pond Guy" and two native (indigenous) bullfrogs are doing great so far. The frogs arrived after John Cynar had started digging the hole for the pond. It sat unfinished for about three weeks because of the disastrous rain down south in the Detroit area. Water collected in the hole and the two small bullfrogs showed up. I rescued them and kept them in the garage. As soon as the pond was done, they went in. They have more than doubled in size in less than two weeks!

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