Sunday, September 28, 2014


When I lived in Royal Oak, weekends were great. Most people went up north to their cottages to spend the weekends which meant it was usually very quiet down there.
The day started out foggy but still lovely.
Most trees up here have not started to change.
Usually stressed trees change before healthy ones.

Now that I live up here, the reverse is true.
Interesting pattern in the clouds - like zig zags!
Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The weeks are great because the weekenders (aka city people) are not up here and it's very, very quiet. However, the hum of lawnmowers starts when the first people arrive for the weekend; the first thing they must do, apparently, is mow their lawns to golf course perfection. I don't. Mow. As a result I have crickets, grasshoppers, praying mantids, ants galore, garter snakes, and, yes, ground dwelling yellow jackets, etc. in abundance.

On the way back from breakfast in Bad Axe, I saw these wild gleaning turkeys, I'm guessing a hen with poults. They had been out in a field until I stopped to photograph them. They then warily ran to an out building. I hear them at my house but can't get them to pose for me. Hmmm. Wonder why!

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