Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Nature knows what she is doing: - notice the red sided woodpecker on the birch bark tree near the suet feeder. His back matches the branch scars well.

This morning what looked like "water" was actually snow and ice and what looked like snow was actually open water with water evaporating like fog - (lake effect snow in the process of happening).

Above: - starting from the bottom: the top of the fence line, the snow on the grass, bushes on the bluff, the frozen snow/ice on Lake Huron, open water with evaporating water (fog).

Notice how evenly spaced the icicles are. Why? Because they are forming at the bottom of the ridges on the metal roof.

The hanging, spinning mirrored thingy is one of many to alert birds to the windows before they crash into them. They work very well - mostly.

Things change fast up here, well, nature related things, that is. This photo was taken yesterday; white caps and waves on the lake. Today, ice and snow.

My trip to the Big D was interesting. I am now officially a country mouse. (Remember the story: The city mouse and the country mouse? That probably dates me, So what!) I could not believe the number of people, houses, cars, businesses, etc. I went to Blue Pearl for a vet check on Totty, got there very early because I wasn't sure about the weather and driving conditions. They had told me that I should get there early so the vet wouldn't have to wait. Although they were slow and very rude (city people), things went fine ultimately for us. Things took considerably longer than I thought. (" - - - the vet isn't here yet, on the way though." Sing/songy high pitched voice. Big disingenuous smile.) I wasn't able to visit people and places like I had hoped because I had to wait so long. I was extremely glad to get on the expressway and on the way back home. Clicked heels of the ruby shoes. (Did you know that in the book, the shoes are NOT red ruby shoes. Do you know what they were made of? )

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