Thursday, January 15, 2015


Bear is the sweetest and most empathetic of my Icelandic Sheepdogs. He must have grown up on a farm because, unlike my other Icelandics, he watches TV AND when any animal, real or cartoon, farm or wild, comes on TV he reacts to it - enthusiastically. Elephants, horses, other dogs, cats, lions, tigers, bears (oh, my), wolves, etc. cause him to bark excitedly and try to jump up on the TV stand.

This shot of Bear was taken from a distance and is slightly out of focus. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.) When I try to take closer photos of Bear, he spoils them by running up to me to be petted. He demands to be petted and praised every time he goes potty outside. He craves attention and approbation which makes him very endearing.

All my dogs love  winter and the snow but Bear is the most passionate about snow and ice. Yes, passionate. He is the first or second out the door and one of the last to return usually with a mouthful of snow or ice. Totty sometimes beats him out - she's younger and faster; Kria likes to stay out longer so it's often a competition between the two of them to see who can manage to stay out longest. Both Kria and Bear have exceptionally thick undercoats, an adaptation to grueling winters in the north countries. Even the 20 below (Fahrenheit) wind chill temps do not bother Kria and Bear.

Did I mention? Bear turns ten this year.

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