Saturday, January 31, 2015


I feed the birds - - -  and some of the birds are in their turn food for some predators too. I'm guessing that perhaps a peregrine falcon, which I noticed lurking the other day, got what looks like a cardinal

The dogs got there before I did today and, I suspect, they got leftovers before I could discourage them. Most likely the ancestors of our dogs living in Iceland for hundreds of years supplemented their diets with small mammals, birds, bird eggs, etc. while out with their flocks. It's the Circle of Life; here comes the lion (ingonyama)!

Christine pointed out that J-J (Jean Jacques) was the color of the placemats she sent for a housewarming present! How prescient of her!! Clicking enlarges photos.


I couldn't resist and captured my road on the way in/out after a nice snowfall Friday. I am so grateful to the people who planted the evergreens on "my" property. I am passing it forward by planting trees, shrubs, vines, wildflowers myself for me to watch growing and for someone in the future to enjoy on "their" property.

Looking East
Looking East
Looking West
Perfect Peace
Perfect Peace
From the Top of the Rise
I don't know what colors these might be called; regardless - lovely.


The bluebird/tree swallow houses I ordered have arrived and are ready to be appropriately placed around the property; some can go up immediately, others will have to wait until the weather breaks and the ground thaws.

I only have to shovel/sweep my east porch which is a quick task, less than five minutes so far, compared to when I had to keep the sidewalk and driveway clear back in the city. That was a chore. I don't even have a sidewalk here and Rick does the driveway with his truck! Ahhhh!

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