Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bitter Cold/Wind Chill

It looks absolutely stunning here in the snow.

For a while I thought Lake Huron was frozen over. Not yet, but there were several areas of icy sludge. It's cool (pun intended) to see the waves flowing in slow motion though the sludgy areas. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

I went for a ride to Sandusky to get food. Look at that sky~ Hey, I know what I'm going through is absolutely NOTHING like the pioneers experienced but being all alone, in my seventies, in a completely new environment, and knowing no one, well, it's an amazing and wonderful adventure. And I love it. Two of my three outside doors - Jeld Wen - are frozen shut. With dogs? That's an issue. The one that can be opened is the north one, the one that I had added after building started so I would have access to Nord Mark, my north forest. Thank Odin!!

Fortunately my road guy is right on the ball and I got plowed out immediately. Yay Rick! Isn't that beautiful!

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