Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twenty-Five Degrees Fahrenheit Below Zero (Wind Chill)

I woke to wind chill warnings of 25 below zero here in Michigan's Thumb for the next two days. My Icelandic Sheepdogs do NOT want to stay outside now! Usually they are reluctant to come in; now they run for the one door I can still open!

Doesn't it look cold? Icy Blue! (Yes, it really was that color in the pale morning light.) Cold but beautiful nevertheless.

I have quite a few clumps of wild viburnums scattered around my yard, especially in Nord Mark, my north forest. This one (below) is right outside my glass door; I can easily see it while I'm reading; I find it distracts me with its beautiful bright red berries - which remain untouched by birds all winter. I've taken many happy photos of this particular clump which is about 15 feet tall.
If you look closely at the following photos, you might be able to see some small balls of feathery fluff - goldfinches and purple finches.
Clicking on photos enlarges them.

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