Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ideas Spread

My Icelandic Sheepdog Kria CGC, RN, RA, RE, CD (Thórdunu Kría -- Leiru Thórshamar Týri x Thórdunu Eyja bred by Sigurlaug Hauksdóttir) turns 11 this year. I don't think she looks her age, do you? She's a grandmother several times over.

Her granddaughter Sunna just had a litter a few weeks ago; her daughter Totty is expecting pups again in a few weeks; I'm sure Kria will help raising them. She usually does.

Kria and Kata are great good friends. Kata (Ýrar Akkur x Melkolku Brenda bred by Helga Gústavsdóttir) recently turned 13 (January 11). She doesn't look or act her age either. Me too, I hope.

My dogs are not allowed up on the furniture -
when I'm home.
It's a small chair . However, two or sometimes even three animals manage to fit into it. (The third is often I Ching, one of my two rescue cats.) It doesn't look comfortable but it's probably toasty warm. Dogs are like people in many ways. Some are always jockeying for dominance, while others, like Kata and Kria, are good friends. They always have gotten along. And none of the other dogs ever questions their position in the hierarchy. Top Dogs Both.

 "Reason" goes out.
Ideas Spread: the empires of thought go out instead of ships.
In the long run the truth is never as dangerous as a lie.

You have to be willing to take more chances, to keep exploring.
If your eyes could speak, what would they say.

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