Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday - Blustery Day

It was a beautiful sunny day on Friday with perfectly clear skies; then on the way back from Sandusky I noticed the lake effect clouds in the east over Laker Huron.

So when I got back home, I took a photo from my house looking first east and then another one looking west.

Looking East From the Living room
Looking West From the Living room

Those clouds in the east over Lake Huron and Canada stay there because the winds here are, of course, predominantly westerly winds.

One of my concerns about moving to the country was Michigan's winter skies. Back in Royal Oak, which really isn't very far from here, the winter skies are unrelentingly gray and featureless, solid sheets of one color gray, for days on end. I was concerned that the skies here would be those kinds of skies. So far, so good. Virtually all of the sunrises are beautiful. Skies are gray but often textured and interesting probably at least partly because of the evaporation from the lake.

Today's Sunrise.
The skies are getting light earlier and staying light later now!

People have assumed that the snow here is worse than Royal Oak. We are geographically close; it's about the same here as there. I've had only two snowfalls here so far that required intervention on the part of Rick, my plow guy. They were both small snowfalls, less than two inches. I know that January and February are the hardest winter months; again, so far, so good.

There's an AKC dog show today and tomorrow in Novi, Michigan that I wanted to go to but that's more than two hours from here and my foot is still sore. It's a long way to go for less than ten minutes in the ring. Still, I've heard that today there are going to be 18 Icelandic Sheepdogs shown.

I had gone to Sandusky for breakfast at Bob and Jamie's and to run some errands. There's a one page daily "paper" that's free and available at places like Bob and Jamie's. It has weather and local news. Last September there were three people arrested for poaching at night using artificial lights to startle and 'hypnotize' their prey, which is, of course, illegal. The follow up is that the family was convicted and sentenced to minimum jail time of 9 days for taking deer, turkey, and bear. (Another man was turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol.)

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